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  Bookstores, libraries, workshops, tutorials, ... you have many opportunities to bring your photography up to the next level.
  Books can help you improve your technical proficiency, your mastery of design and composition, and your ability to see - to find the essence of wonder in the scene before you.
  We have selected a few books as a starting point on your journey.
Creative Outdoor Photography at discount prices
Brenda Tharp's "Creative Nature and Outdoor Photography" can help you move your work from the post card level closer to the fine art level. Bringing visual design elements into your photographs is easier than you think.
Mountain Light at discount prices
Galen Rowell's "Mountain Light: In Search of the Dynamic Landscape" is not only inspirational but a great motivator for participatory photography - doing what you love while using your camera to capture the emotional aspects of the scene. Along with his awesome photographs are the human notes of his thoughts and the techniques he used to record the majesty around him.
If you are new to outdoor photography, we recommend Tim Fitzharris' "National Audubon Society Guide to Landscape Photography " as a great place to start. One of the greatest challenges to improving your photographs are the questions of how and where to begin. This book answers some of those questions.

Great photographs speak for themselves. Great books and photographic equipment at a discount prices shout even louder.


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